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Companies that embrace diversity and inclusion in all aspects of their business statistically outperform their peers. ~ Josh Bersin

As ED&I consultants, we recognise that a healthy, inclusive culture protects and generates value. So, we provide a full range of bespoke programmes to help create more inclusive cultures. We also tailor our services to suit the client’s needs. We provide senior executive coaching and reviews of policies and processes. We work on equity principles which help to create a more inclusive culture. And a more inclusive culture increases organisational performance.

The business case speaks for itself — diverse teams are more innovative and successful in going after new markets.” ~ Inga Beale

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We are not just ED&I consultants but Lived Experience ED&I consultants. That makes us exceptional specialists.

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As ED&I consultants, equity, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our programmes, and they are central to everything we believe and everything we do. So that means that our ED&I programmes are comprehensive. Our services include a variety of individual topics to enable ED&I as part of the business culture.

We deliver the projects by equipping participants with the skills and positive habit-forming behaviours to support lasting change. Those are central to our flagship anti-racist programme, Rethink Renew Reform.

Rethink Renew Reform: Explores the deeper issues of race relations through intersectionality, micro-aggressions and bias.


We know that ED&I projects lead to cultural change. And we love working in this area. We get great pleasure from seeing a company blossom. But change takes time, and there are no quick fixes as it means people have to learn new ways of thinking and behaving. And habits take time and practice.

Our experience has shown that fostering team trust and collaboration yields positive, rewarding results. We used a mixed-method approach and differentiate the learning needs of the managers so that what we do is relevant. As we work in a bespoke way, we can focus on any particular skills that need support.


Cultural change, including ED&I, cannot happen without an in-depth review of an organisation’s policies and processes. They provide a picture of where the business stands, the challenges, and the opportunities. Such reviews allow for the most significant impact and remarkable change to an improved culture. This work is challenging but very rewarding.

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We recognise that businesses are similar but not the same. So we take time to know you and encourage you to get to know us. We are thorough in our work to ensure we help you to drive the change you want to see you in your organisation. And that means our work for you may require more of somethings or a bespoke element like work around conflict resolution, research, facilitating special sessions on behaviour, leadership or 121 coaching.

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