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Leaders and leadership skills have shifted and continue to shift away from old-line “command and control” methods to more collegial and collaborative styles centred on emotional and soft skills. Our Leadership Learning programme is designed around emotional intelligence and characteristics to build leadership capacity, develop competencies, foster those behaviours in teams, and create lasting cultural change. Leadership Learning provides sound fundamentals if your organisation wants to upskill and inspire leaders or promote new ones.

About Leadership Learning 

Managing our social-emotional reactions is vital to good leadership, and research also confirms that those emotions can be learnt and developed. Our Leadership Learning programme is designed around that. 

Leadership is a journey that starts from within. A leader must become self-aware and then achieve self-mastery. You cannot lead others until you can lead yourself. Leadership is also about building the capacity to lead—the vertical development of a leader. The cultivation of broader, deeper, and more compassionate understanding. Leadership capacity is the option to think and act more effectively during times of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity and rapid change. That emotional skill set can be learnt and developed over time.


That’s why we created the Leadership Learning programme dedicated to existing or aspiring leaders within organisations, like executives, heads of service, team and project leaders and supervisors. The programme is a specialised expanded edition of our workshops, emphasising core emotional skills, like empathy and self-awareness, to develop the competency and capacity that successful leadership requires.

The Leadership Learning programme is a three-hour in-person or two 90-minute online sessions to help you embed new behaviours and practises. Group sizes are limited to 20 participants.To explore more contact the team admin@rozetwaria.com

The Leadership Learning Programme

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