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Learning and Development

Emotional Well-Being

Our lived experience shows that emotional intelligence can be taught and improved. Working with our emotions provides solutions to a myriad of problems that organisations face. Whether it is change and transformation of the business culture, management, processes and values or adopting new business priorities and practices, our emotional training packages will help you reach your goals. Our unique and engaging emotional learning programmes provide the skills that underpin successful organisations—employees will gain the insights, tools and skills needed to face various challenges.

Workshops To Help Businesses Thrive

Our lived experience shows that emotional intelligence can be taught and improved. We help your staff perform more efficiently and help to build and maintain a positive, thriving workplace culture. And so your team will be aware of workplace behaviour, safety and industry standards. And that is good for service, reputation and profit.

Anti racist ally two fists bumping in support and allyship rozetwaria.com

Anti Racist Ally

A programme for developing and creating an inclusive culture and  authentic allyship ~ View

black woman and black man in silhouette representing the Black Experience @ rozetwaria.com

The Black Experience

Talks exploring the creativity, innovation, vibrancy and challenges ~ View

angry person icon angry words and threatening body language

Bullying +

How we create and maintain respect in the workforce and change behaviours ~ View

a woman holding her umbrella over a man in the rain


A workshop to develop our capacity to hold compassion and improve well-being ~ View

a young woman in a silhouette in a red cape.

Fab Fierce Female Compassion

Provides tools for more agency, self-compassion and improved leadership ~ View

two people amicably exchanging conversation across the table at work _rozerwaria.com

Constructive Conversation

examines skills and emotions for constructive conversations ~ View

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Creativity & Imagination

Helping you cultivate a creative community in the workplace ~ View

creative writing and journaling mauve pen with strars and paper

Creative Writing & Journaling

An invaluable workshop for clarity, resilience, renewal and creating change ~ View

Eloquence a mouth holding the golden key to speech_rozetwaria.com


A class for improving your public speaking, pitching and pace ~ View

one person with their arm around another

Engaging Empathy

Developing empathy enriches workplace culture, staff retention and dispute resolution ~ View


A workshop builds and develops authenticity, soft skills &  uniqueness ~ View

Learning Leadership

A programme of essential skills and learning for new, experienced managers ~ View

Microaggression +

Microaggression, negging and incivilities prevention drama-based workshop ~View

Savvy Serenity

Serenity creates a space to calm and clear thinking and decision making ~ View 

A yellow person standing at a lectum


Inspirational Talks with thought-leading ideas and challenges for today ~ View 

Talking Through Torment is a suicide prevention course. One Black man offering another support

Talking Through Torment

Suicide is preventable and this workshop shows us how we can help colleagues ~ View

Trauma-Informed Training

How to implement a trauma-informed approach in your business workshop ~ View

two men two women in coloured squares with speech marks you talking to me _rozetwaria.com

You Talking To Me?

A refreshing, no-nonsense public speaking and storytelling masterclass ~ View

“Roz facilitated an amazing session for PRS For Music. Informative, educational, and interactive. She made the topic engaging, and it really brought a deeper understanding for our business.


Workshop Frequently Asked Questions

Lived experienced professionals who have come together around academic expertise with the ability to engage audiences with their authenticity, cultural humility, dynamism, charisma and warmth.

Our workshops are a warm, interactive safer space rooted in developing emotional intelligence for the workplace. So, smaller group sizes help everyone to feel relaxed and get the most out of participating. We have a group size of 25 participants per workshop. Occasionally, we can extend it to 30 participants, depending on the nature of the workshop.

Yes, but specific Workshops, Talks and Conversations complement one another and work well. We recommend booking them for more deep-dive extended programmes, according to your team or business needs.

Please let us know at the time of booking if you have any access requirements or require any adjustments to enable your participation in our services. We make reasonable adjustments where ever possible contact us.

We have designed these workshops for corporate training, and businesses book them for private sessions for their teams. If the event is being made public, you can find out about it at Public Speaking & Events here.

As a goal of our workshops is creating a safer space, we generally do not allow filming any of our live events. That is because experience has shown that it would likely inhibit the feeling of safety and privacy required by attendees to participate fully.

Complete an enquiry form, email admin@rozetwaria.com or call us on ‭07483 348284‬.

Please get in touch, and we’ll be able to help you; complete the contact form, email admin@rozetwaria.com