Thanks for checking out the services page. There are many excellent options for your business, your staff and you to grow. Here I just want to underline why our consultancy, learning and development and coaching services would be an excellent choice.

Recognising that clients need something more.

Increasingly people are asking for something more, something special, a different type of consulting and working, a new approach. And that is what is on offer. Whether it is one of my workshops, talks or coaching courses, each is presented with cultural competence and delivered with a trauma-sensitive approach. That makes us unique. Added to this I write mental health support into our service and delivery. Our purpose is to improve the well-being of the client, business or individual and thereby the well-being of society as a whole.

Training and workshops are compassionately solutions-focused.

Ours is an agile expert team of practitioners providing high-quality, innovative training, facilitation, and team building that promotes lasting changes. We don’t just advise but build, develop and support the client.

suicide prevention course choose life

FEATURED COURSE – Talking Through Torment

Everyone should know about suicide awareness as we do for managing a stroke or heart attack. We believe that suicide is preventable, and there is an urgent need to discuss suicide openly.  Talking Through Torment opens that conversation and is a suicide prevention workshop suitable for any business institution or individual. It is a course that helps us help ourselves and those around us who may be in an emotional crisis.

Proud to have been of service

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