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RozEtwaria is passionate about helping transformation to phenomenal emotional well-being and mental health. We help you with growing self-awareness, finding serenity, greater effectiveness at work, happiness at home, better relationships and healing.

We do that via our workshops, Talks and Leadership Learning.

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About Roz

“a brilliant & talented woman”

Meet Roz: Catalyst for Cultural Change & Emotional Intelligence

Roz’s work with survivors and research expertise uniquely qualify Roz as a diversity, equity, inclusion & emotional intelligence consultant.

Roz is a consultant who researches change and trauma through the lens of toxic cultures, Black history and Feminism. She is a driving force behind Little Ro, advocate lead at Traumascapes and partner at Survivors Voices. With determination, she champions survivors of child sexual assault and those abused.

Roz is an award-winning public speaker and a social intellectual who challenges and entertains her audiences with wisdom and wit. She has a postgraduate education and a legal background. She has also consulted for various projects, ranging from seed-stage startups to large-scale enterprises.

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About Us

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We are a passionate collective of lived experience practitioners with a unique understanding of emotions and people. We are keen to share our practices derived from the sciences of epigenetics, neurobiology and quantum physics, philosophy, art and culture. We are here to teach you how to live a more fulfilling, rewarding, and joyous life. Our lived experiences have taught us valuable lessons in connection, emotional development, and healing.

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Be the noblest version of yourself

What We Believe

Follow Life’s Natural FLow

Our philosophy of life comes from various philosophies and centres around Ubuntu and Tao, reflected in our values and services. “There is a medical art for the soul. its name is philosophy.” ~ Cicero

Understanding self-awareness and Wellness

Lived Experience

Emotional Inteligence

Lived Experience means that we have gained knowledge through direct involvement with trauma (which has shown us all the mercy of a Greek tragedy) and how to heal and grow. In other words, we have the practical added to our book-based knowledge. It has led to the creation of the restorative services our programmes deliver. From experience, we know it works.

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Our work is knowledge-based and includes skills for line managers

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Equity Diversity Inclusion

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Learning & Development

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Employee Engagement

Leadership Learning

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