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One of the most important things we found when supporting cultural change, from anti-racist allyship to well-being at work, was the importance of employee engagement, which we excel at as experts by lived experience. Providing a safer space for colleagues and team members to discuss their perspectives, preferences and problems meant they were more committed to change and optimistic about productivity. Our conversations bring the workforce together to learn, share and hear ideas, which helps to accelerate the transformation and unity of colleagues and teams.

About This Programme

Employee Engagement is usually a half-day interactive conversation.

Businesses have to change and develop, and employee engagement is the most crucial aspect of that. It strengthens employee commitment and team bonding. We design our employee engagement conversations around several work-related topics, from personal to profound. And those structured subjects are delivered through short talks, group discussions on big ideas and new ways of thinking. We also provide support for the conversations you want to have. Operational Leads can also book onto our productive conversation workshop to learn and practise the skills to hold high-impact, constructive discussions with team members, colleagues, and superiors.


Our conversations are delivered with mixed media and may include dramatised content provided by professional actors, Jam Boards and electronic voting. We can offer the programme on-site or off-site at an appropriate venue. We can also arrange venues for you. They are an ideal addition to corporate events and away days.

We recommend a future one-reflection session.

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Pay Transparency

Our Conversation on Pay Transparency is an opportunity to consider whether secrecy remains the informal norm or formal policy for the world of work and why it matters.

Belonging And Self Knowledge

Our Conversation on Belonging And Self Knowledge, the Greek philosophy of knowing thy self, is a chance to evaluate who we are and what we believe, incorporating ideas from other philosophical perspectives.

Balancing Work and Personal Life

Our Conversation on Balancing Work and Personal Lives is a chance to discuss how a career and a personal life outside of work can work together.

Conversations ~ Frequently Asked Questions

Lived experienced professionals who have come together around academic expertise with the ability to engage audiences with their authenticity, cultural humility, dynamism, charisma and warmth.

An average visit is approximately 60 minutes, including a talk and a Q&A session.

Our speakers have experience delivering to young audiences and diverse audiences.

Talks can be delivered to very large audiences, the number is more dependent on the venue capacity and the technology that is available. As such, they act as a great introduction to our work.

Please let us know at the time of booking if you have any access requirements or require any adjustments to enable your participation in our services. We make reasonable adjustments where we can.  contact us.

Yes. However, because specific Workshops, Talks and Conversations complement one another and work well together, we often recommend booking them as part of more extended programmes, according to your team or business needs. Either way, they are a great introduction to us.

We design these Talks for corporate training – where an organisation books private sessions for their internal teams, delivered at their chosen time. However, if they are making the event public or you want to attend one of our public events, check out the Public Speaking and Event page.

We generally do not allow filming of any of our live events. Still, it would likely inhibit the feeling of safety and privacy required by attendees to participate fully. Our goal is always to create the very best experience for our participants, and we try to preserve the closed nature of the sessions. However, we have occasionally allowed companies to film the Talk and licence the content for a limited time for an additional fee. The content of our Talks is often copyrighted.

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