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Culture Diversity Equity & Inclusion


A healthy, inclusive culture protects, generates value and creates a place of belonging. And a more inclusive culture increases organisational performance. We provide bespoke programmes to help create that. We provide senior executive coaching and reviews of policies and processes. “The business case speaks for itself — diverse teams are more innovative and successful in going after new markets.” ~ Inga Beale

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Culture Diversity Equity & Inclusion Projects

Our services include various topics to enable cultural change, equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging as part of the business culture. We deliver the projects by equipping participants with the skills and positive habit-forming behaviours to support lasting change. That is central to our flagship anti-racist ally programme, Rethink Renew Reform which explores the deeper issues of race relations through intersectionality, micro-aggressions and bias.

Cultural Changes Specialists

Equity diversity, inclusion and belonging projects lead to cultural change. Change takes time as people have to learn new ways of thinking and behaving. We used a mixed-method approach and differentiate the learning needs of the managers so that what we do is relevant. As we work in a bespoke way, we can focus on any particular skills that need support. We get great pleasure from seeing a company blossom.

Policies And Process Reviews

Culture, Equity diversity inclusion and belonging require an in-depth review of an organisation’s policies and processes. They provide a picture of where the business stands, the challenges, and the opportunities. Such reviews allow for the most significant impact and remarkable change to an improved culture. It is about learning about the things we need to do to make progress. To explore more contact the team

Complimentary Talks and Workshops

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Anti Racist Ally

A programme for developing and creating an inclusive culture and  authentic allyship 

Trauma-Informed Approach

How to implement a trauma-informed approach in your business workshop

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The Black Experience

Talks exploring the creativity, innovation, vibrancy and challenges

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Our work is knowledge-based and includes skills for line managers

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Equity Diversity Inclusion

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