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Roz Etwaria

independent of the good opinion of others.


Independent of the good opinion of others

What I do


Positively transform the culture and ED&I in businesses across industries.

Assist with cultural and organisational change. Skill-up

Positively empower people and deliver inspirational speeches.

Work With Me Because

Team Roz are people experts

We are lived experience practioneers and our work is rooted in the sciences of epigenetics, neurobiology and quantum physics and we are scholars on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. So, we offer the pyschological and the practical. We are a highly motivated dedicated team with innovative ideas. We help dissolve the barriers to change and progression for your business and individuals.

We work with you to develop the habits to achieve your goals. If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together – African Proverb.

We are leading the way being Trauma Informed and Culturally Competent.



public speaking & events


ED&I Consultancy

learning & development

I believe in one thing—that only a life lived for others is a life worth living

Three simple but strong passions govern my life: Firstly, the quest for knowledge. Secondly, assisting people on their journey to self-discovery. And thirdly, sorrow for the suffering of humankind. I use the first passion to support the other two.

I use my knowledge and experience to serve people and businesses on their journeys to success. And to alleviate the suffering of humankind. I do this on a one to one basis as a coach, as company training, workshops and also as a public speaker.

What Our Clients Say

Some words from our respected clients

“Roz facilitated an amazing session for PRS For Music. Informative educational, and interactive. She made the topic engaging and it really brought a deeper understanding for our business.”

Kerry Newton Manager


“We worked with Roz at a time when organisation change was required. She is a great problem solver who took our service to an outstanding 5-star rating.

I highly recommend her.

Janette Weekes CHAIr of the Board

Waltham TMO

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Roz and Suzanne to improve our company culture. They created a friendly and welcoming environment and enabled an open-minded debate and not judgemental. An important experience which helped us grow as a team.”


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