What Our Clients Say

Some words from our respected clients

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Roz and Suzanne to improve our company culture. They created a friendly and welcoming environment and enabled an open-minded debate and not judgemental. An important experience which helped us grow as a team.”


Portfolio Institutional

“We worked with Roz at a time when organisation change was required. She is a great problem solver who took our service to an outstanding 5-star rating.

I highly recommend her.

Janette Weekes CHAIr of the Board

Waltham TMO

“I went into the workshop skeptical but found myself enjoying the session. Roz understood and made me feel safe. I didn’t come out with a changed mind but a changed heart. Thank you Roz”

Susan Tiller

Workshop Participant ~ Bakers Dozen

01 NHS
Sandra Weekes ED&I Management NHS
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Thank you so much for being so professional,
funny and compassionate all simultaneously.
We maintained the majority of our audience
past the 7 pm end time, which was amazing.
You are truly a brilliant and talented woman.

Again thank you so much.

02 Alex Ion Group
Alex Lloyd Manager Ion Group
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We were delighted to have Roz Etwaria as a speaker at our corporate wellbeing Suicide Awareness programme. Honest, intense and extremely engaging.

03 Fern Kerr
Fern Kerr Hedgefund Manager
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Roz is a phenomenally impressive speaker.
Carries the crowd along as a dynamic MC.
She also impresses with her charm, wit and verve
in crafting and delivering speeches.
Flair and fearlessness; warmth and a joyful approach.
There is always something to learn from Roz
I thoroughly recommend her as a
public speaker and MC.

04 Sales Manager
Basit Mohammed Senior Sales Manager Profolio Verlag
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"I was slightly apprehensive beforehand, but after participating in this experience, I felt it was simply a continuous learning process.
Roz provided a safe space which allowed me to be vulnerable. Roz did an amazing job.”

05 Civil Service
Flo McIntyre, Civil Servant
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Roz, your training this weekend has been
incredible and insightful. It was great.
And to be honest, I wish I could train like you.
If they say you get ten out of ten I would say you get 12/10

06 Eljai
Eljai BLM UK Platform
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Roz's training was insightful, informative and hugely valuable. Roz is so approachable she puts the group at ease.
She is an inspiring light for those of us in recovery.

As a survivor, I felt as if I was held in a safe space.
As a professional, I have utilised so much of the training already.

07 Isobel
Isobel H ~ Participant Feedback
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"An incredible speech.
Very powerful and impactful.
Your delivery was excellent as always.
I really hope you will be able to do that speech
so lots of people hear it."

08 Audience Feedback
Audience Feedback
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A fascinating topic. I found myself wanting to resist what you were saying. Loved the theme, clear title, great structure, and a call to action at the finish.
Loved It.

09 Trauma Informed
Traci Ross Housing Management
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Thanks for your phenomenal talk on trauma informed education. Why we have not done this before I don't know. You are inspiring and this something that I will champion in my organisation. You are an amazing lady Roz

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