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Two things have struck me as a consultant. Firstly, to promote women at work, people simply helped more of them complete application forms for management posts. And secondly, where I have been involved in feedback: women often downplay their strengths while swiftly championing the strengths of their peers and others.

Help with completing an application form does not guarantee selection, nor does it provide emotional growth for a leader. While dismissing one’s strengths reflects a need for self-compassion. What they do show is the need for emotional intelligence training for women. It enhances cognitive growth by nurturing self-awareness, self-compassion, and effective communication while fostering a resilient and adaptable brain.

Overcoming Gender Stereotypes

An analysis of The Wall Street Journal found the words ‘advantage’, ‘beat’, and ‘win’ repeated thousands of times in articles. Those words provide a very narrow definition of authority. And they also have the negative consequence of creating workplace bullying. So it is little wonder that men are likelier to work in higher-paying fields like engineering, science and investment. Research by Capita identified that women in the UK are less likely to invest than men. And that is not unique to Britain.

Babies Bosses Burnout

Women face unique challenges in balancing work and personal life. And being a mother was an obstacle at work for 38% of mothers compared to just 14% of men.

Even where women are assertive, they can be penalised unless they can also show competence and warmth at the same time. That might explain why women burn out more than men in the research.

Fixing The Broken Ladder

Emotionally skilled women are better equipped to overcome barriers and biases that may hinder their career progression. That is why we have

designed workshops for women like Fab Fierce Female Compassion to overcome these barriers and train women in how to say what needs to be said. Otherwise, women are not listened to.

With emotional intelligence development, women can better ask for their needs. By leveraging it, women can tackle discrimination, seize opportunities, and even fix the broken ladder.

Emotionally skilling women is an individual pursuit and a collective responsibility that organisations and society must embrace. Businesses can help break the stereotypes by promoting emotional intelligence training for women. It enables women to create boundaries, assert themselves confidently and navigate challenges with resilience.

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  1. Adam 12 August 2023 at 4:25 am - Reply

    This is an interesting article I have always seen women as emotional so it got me thinking. Recognised how I do get praised at work by the girls and they don’t see how essential they are. Special courses for them is a good idea.

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