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Public Speaking ~ Story Telling

You Talking To Me?

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You Talking To Me is a refreshing, no-nonsense public speaking and storytelling masterclass. It will teach you how to improve your public speaking skills. We designed it for all people of all ages who want to share their stories. It is fun, exciting and interactive while discovering what meaningful storytelling is. Two award-winning champion speakers and evaluators bring you this highly interactive fun event.

More About This Workshop

During this two hour workout, we will explore

  • Look at why you are telling your story
  • Explore what makes a compelling story 
  • Learn how to structure your story
  • Learn to breathe and pause for nerves and effect
  • Check Rate Volume and Pitch
  • Evaluate our stories
  • Discover how to achieve a natural rapport with any audience
  • Stand and Deliver( to our peers)

Whether you’re telling your story to friends, speaking your truth online, presenting to your work colleagues or gearing up to stand on stage, You Talking To Me? is what the doctor ordered to build your self-esteem and boost your confidence.


Blending seminar-style guidance from two award-winning public speakers and practical exercises with your peers, this storytelling system delivered in a lively session will make you laugh and kick any fears into touch.

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